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    Hi, I just purchased a Surface Pro 3. When I click on the Weather tile (In addition, the weather tile does not update, shows Washington DC, which is not my location) or the Nook or Kindle programs that I downloaded from the MS Store, the programs will open then "disappear". I can see the icon at the bottom of the screen, but clicking on it does nothing. These apps will work in desktop mode. I have since downloaded all updates / firmware, but still doesn't work. I feel as if it is a permission problem but I have looked everywhere I can think, I even turned off Defender to see if that was the problem.

    Any ideas? Does anyone have Nook or Kindle program that works?

    Edit - I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted did not work.

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    09-10-2014 12:25 PM
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    I have been chatting with 3 separate MS techs with no help. I did get my bing weather tile fixed. Not sure exactly which one fixed, but first uninstalled, ran wsreset from the search (clicked on the MS Store reset), restarted surface, reinstalled bing weather then under settings > tiles > clear personal info from tiles, restarted again. I was then able to get the weather tile to open and find my location, now it updates and opens fine.

    Just need to get the Windows Nook and Kindle apps working. They work fine on my Surface Pro, don't know why I can't get it to work on the Surface Pro 3.
    09-10-2014 06:03 PM

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