1. spasell's Avatar
    So now I have found another issues, albeit minor, but annoying nonetheless.

    After the latest firmware, when I am using the Mail app, or ANY app while in Metro screen, upon exiting the app, either via closing it using Charms or using cursor to close it, the screen remains a solid color, and apparently, that solid color is whatever color you have chosen for your metro screen background. It stays this way until you hit the Windows key either via keyboard or Windows button on right side of machine (while in Landscape).

    Anyone else notice this happening at all? Nothing else happens BTW...it just does this, and not on all occasions, but enough that it's annoying.
    09-12-2014 10:05 AM
  2. hopmedic's Avatar
    Weird - I just double-checked mine to be sure, but it goes back to the start screen when I close a Metro app.
    09-13-2014 11:27 AM

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