1. kaantantr's Avatar
    Hey guys, I hope I can get some answers about this thing bothering me. I am from Turkey and have used a Turkish type cover since I was 3, which is more than 15 years now. But now, I'm living in Austria for college and I am planning to buy myself a Surface Pro 3 here. But, well, since every country has it's own set of letters in an optimized layout for their language, I don't really want to get a type cover with Austrian letters in it and without Turkish letters, and needless to mention, I don't want to start an adaptation process of some letters being in different places than I am accustomed to.

    The thing where it get's tricky, is that Surface Pro 3 is not available in Turkey as far as I know, which means there wouldn't be any Turkish type cover for it either. So what are my options in this case?

    And this one might be a dumb question to ask, but still, I need to be sure, does the Surface Pro 3 has a Turkish keyboard setting, so even if I plug in an English type cover for example, I still can press the button where the letter "ğ" is in a turkish keyboard and get the letter, right?
    10-20-2014 05:37 AM
  2. rynoa's Avatar
    Hey there!

    I'm from Germany and live in an English speaking country now, so I can relate, it is annoying to get used to a different keyboard (German and English aren't even that different, but still).

    Since the surface pro is not sold in Turkey right now, getting the original type cover will probably be a problem. But since the surface is running windows 8.1, it won't be a problem to change the keyboard layout. If you can remember the layout, great, otherwise you could use a permanent marker to annotate your keyboard (not very elegant, but it works).
    Just google "add input language windows 8" and you will find a link to microsoft help, i can't post links in this forum yet.
    Something a little more elegant would be to get a bluetooth keyboard with the Turkish layout and use it with the surface 3.

    Maybe sometime in the future, they will make Turkish covers or some third party will have a marketing idea.
    10-20-2014 08:46 AM
  3. rynoa's Avatar
    Go on ebay and search for turkish keyboard stickers, that will probably be your best bet if you want to use the original type cover.
    10-20-2014 08:53 AM

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