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    I figured I'd give it some time and let MS work out the kinks. I was an early adopter and knew there would be initial issues and wanted to be fair before complaining. So when my SP3 was having issues recognizing my Type Cover, I exchanged it once to make sure it wasn't just a defect with mine. Same issues. Sometimes it's recognized as soon as I boot up, sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes it just doesn't recognize it at all and I have to go into "fiddle mode", unplugging and plugging it back in until it finally recognizes it. I figured I could live with it and that maybe it was just an issue with the initial batches.

    Fast forward 3 months and not only am I still having the issue on a regular basis, a friend of mine just bought his SP3 a week ago and is having the same issue so now I KNOW it isn't just me and it wasn't just an issue with either the first batch of SP3's or Type Covers.

    I'm taking my gripe to MS's forums to see if I can get some answers and figured I'd ask if anyone else is having issues with their Type Cover being recognized? Again I've decided to live with it regardless (unless MS is in the xmas spirit and agrees to send me another one) but it's a bit annoying.

    Making things worse, a few weeks ago the caps lock light just stopped working. Hopefully they'll agree to replace it (i'll have to check my warranty to see if i'm covered for more than one exchange) and the new one will have no issues. The fact that my friend just got his and is having the same problem is not encouraging to say the least though.
    12-08-2014 10:09 PM

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