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    I'm baffled by this. It's telling me that I should get, based on battery drain, 6 hours of battery life based on my usage. However, when I looked at the report and actual ACTIVE use, not connected standby, it was a total of 4:22 minutes that it drained my battery down to 3%...Another 8% was drained from connected standby which happened over a 36 hour time period.

    If I was not in connected standby, according to what I am seeing, I might be able to get 5 hours.

    On battery I am at 45% brightness, only using IE, and doing email work, web surfing, and watching an occasional video that is sent to me (probably about a total of 10-15 minutes worth via YouTube). This includes looking at Facebook, etc.

    Also doing a lot of work with MS Office (word and excel..don't have outlook installed).

    Does this make any sense?
    01-31-2015 01:56 PM