1. Paul Foulkes's Avatar
    I am just about to take delivery of mu new Surface Pro 3 (i5 128gb). AT the moment I am using a Samsung laptop ultrabook. Does anyone have any suggestions for easy data transfer from old to new.
    I realise that my one drive will go "over" no problems. What about transferring my settings etc. Files I suppose are best transferred by usb stick? Downloaded software? Best just to re download or can I transfer it?

    02-23-2015 08:32 AM
  2. 6Kings's Avatar
    I just had the laptop and the SP3 on my network and shared the c: and D: drives, then copied all files via file explorer. Any programs I just reinstalled but the settings were hit or miss on whether they stayed - 8.1 to 8.1. Pretty painless but if you want an exact match, might be worth looking into drive copying software.
    02-23-2015 09:05 AM
  3. Tom Krupinski's Avatar
    I used both the network sharing and the one drive cloud method, both work perfectly.
    02-23-2015 09:25 AM

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