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    I have tried searching the forum archives for the answer to this, and I don't find anything. I have a SP3, and I can't see videos that are embedded in articles, like right here in Windows Central. All I see is a big white space where the video should be. I can see and view them on my XP machine, however. Supposedly the SP3 has Adobe Flash Player Active X

    I'm not a computer person ... I just really enjoy USING my computers and Windows Phone. Do I need a different flash player, or something?? I had really hoped that the SP3 would be the answer of what to do about my old XP computer ... having something light, portable and powerful to replace it ... but if I can't play videos on it ???

    Thanks for any thoughts about what I can do to get videos to play on this thing!!
    02-26-2015 02:03 PM

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