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    Hi guys, quick question. I'm eyeing up buying a Surface Pro 3. I'm from the UK, and will be returning there in the summer, but until then I'm going between Switzerland and mainland China. As Microsoft refuse to ship me a UK version of the product to Switzerland or China, I'm left with no option to buy it abroad as I need a replacement for me current laptop in the next month or so. As I don't really want to buy it in China. I was thinking about picking it up the next time I'm back in Switzerland. My question is, where do I stand from a warranty perspective? Would I be able to buy a Swiss version and then apply a UK Microsoft Complete on it? I don't really want to have to return to Switzerland if a problem emerges. Also, when first initializing the device, will it automatically boot into the local language, in this case French or German, or will it first give me a choice to set the device language and region?
    03-27-2015 10:49 AM

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