11-04-2015 10:40 PM
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  1. Michael Alan Goff's Avatar
    As much as I like some of the features in 10, I'm also thinking about rolling back on my SP3.

    • Battery life is shorter
    • App Store doesn't seem to work
    • OneDrive placeholder feature missing rendering it almost useless to me
    • OneNote app is read only now??
    • Cortana requires set up every time I reboot
    • Cortana could not hear me - Mic level is really low despite tweaking the sensitivity
    Something is wrong with your install. Mine doesn't have shorter battery life, the app store works, one note works like normal, Cortana remains set up and hears my voice.
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    09-15-2015 02:57 AM
  2. Engineers's Avatar
    I was wondering if this was just happening to me. About 10 minutes after turning on my SP3, the system is using most of the available memory. And this happens all the time. It is even worse when I use Edge. But even if I don't use Edge my fans are running fast and hot. Battery life sucks. I basically can't run my SP3 for more than 1 hour without restarting because the system is using so much memory and every thing gets slow and I have windows poping up saying my memory is low. Basically W10 made my SP3 unusable.

    I've been trying to get info on this but every time I ask the question I get bashed as a Microsoft hater from all the fanboys that claim W10 is great.
    09-30-2015 03:29 PM
  3. Guzzler3's Avatar
    Engineers, don't feel alone. I too can not get W10 to run smoothly on my SP3. I have encountered the exact same issues you have. I have run the RTM, Insider slow, and fast rings.

    I gave up and went back to W8.1 and have been quite content. I keep watching the various threads, posts to see if less and less people have these issues, hoping to go back to W10.

    The sad part is I was bored one day and stopped in at my local MS store and played around on one of their W10 SP3 demo units, in about 30 minutes of use, it ran into issues of heat, slow, memory low. I pointed it out to the sales person, they gave out a big sigh, and quickly rebooted the unit. I could tell they were getting tired of having to do it. The funny part was I had the keyboard in the passive position (folded back), and it too had the delayed startup. The sales person really freaked out, till I mentioned that it's a known firmware bug.
    09-30-2015 07:40 PM
  4. kimigayo's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure the sales agent sighed because you were just sitting in the store using their demo unit for 30 minutes with no intentions of buying. Then to top it off, you complained to them.
    10-23-2015 01:17 AM
  5. Dana Wolak's Avatar
    I like the interface of 10 better and I find it easier to navigate, but the update has killed my battery life as well. Any suggestions?
    10-23-2015 11:51 AM
  6. zei20t's Avatar
    My i7 battery life is as good as 8.1, if not better.

    My i3 with fast ring update has phenomenal battery life. I don't take my charger to work with me now.
    10-23-2015 05:11 PM
  7. Drayk's Avatar
    I do not have the random-touch problem you mentioned.

    I guess you are talking about the app version of OneNote, which does not allow adjusting the pen size. I use the Desktop version and everything works so fine (as fine as I did in Win 8.1).

    Indeed I enjoy so much using my Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10. I believe there is some problem with your installation of Windows 10.
    I also use the desktop version of OneNote. I'm a contractor and one of the things I use my surface for is taking a screen shot of a blueprint detail, marking it up and emailing it off. Double click on the eraser and the screen shot goes to the OneNote app. I can mark it up the way I need to but the markup won't attach to an email. My work around is to pull up the quick note function and long press, take screen clipping and that will send the screen clipping to the OneNote program. From there you can mark it up and send it in Outlook.
    11-04-2015 07:18 AM
  8. arrty's Avatar
    I put win10 on my surface pro 3 since the first day that I got it (2 weeks ago). Haven't had any issues myself.
    11-04-2015 10:40 PM
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