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    So here's what I've been dealing with... (SP3, i7, 256GB)

    Bought my SP3 in February, running Windows 8.1 of course, up until July 29th. I did the Windows 10 upgrade, but forced the upgrade instead of waiting for that stupid GWX program to tell me I'm ready. So it ran well for the day. Later that evening I did a clean install, using a USB thumb drive and files downloaded and documented by Microsoft. All went well. About a week later, Windows 10 tells me it's not activated. I did all I could do to fix it, but it was doing this for 2-3 days. Then all-of-a-sudden the activation issues disappeared and I was "officially" activated. Two weeks later, it happened again, same period of time, same result. This happened a few more times up until a week and a half ago when I got fed up and "downgraded" back to 8.1. A Microsoft tech said that there is a known issue with the SP3 and not waiting for the GWX program to start the Windows 10 upgrade, and that "they are working on it".

    So I used the SP3 for a week and a half on 8.1, and even used it on a photo shoot, and had no issues with 8.1. A day after my shoot (9/28) I decided to try the Windows 10 upgrade again. Funny thing was that right after I did the downgrade to 8.1 the initial configuration of my SP3 included a section saying I should upgrade to Windows 10, but I didn't. I NEEDED my SP3 for this shoot...

    So on 9/28 I did the Windows 10 upgrade through Windows update, I didn't force anything. The upgrade went well, and my SP3 ran great, until yesterday... I got an alert that I needed to enter my Windows credentials to verify my account. In having the activation issues a few months ago, this "verification" message usually came with the "not activated" issue. I didn't even verify, nor wait until I got the "not activated" message. I promptly did the downgrade back to 8.1, and that's where I am now, and will stay for the foreseeable future. Also, I DID NOT do a clean install like the first time. I just upgraded and let it be.

    Now... I have a system at work, and 2 systems at home that I've upgraded to Windows 10, and NONE of them have had this issue. 2 of those systems are logged on with my Microsoft account. The first system I did the upgrade on was the SP3, the other 3 systems were upgraded about a month ago.

    So my question is: WTF is going on??? Has anyone either experienced or heard about this issue? The Windows 8.1 installed on my Surface is legal, since the key is embedded in the system, so there should be no question about that. I just have no idea what's going on. I figured once a system is activated it stays that way, but not in this case. So it looks like I'll be staying at 8.1 on my Surface...

    (sorry for such a long post...)
    10-02-2015 11:28 AM

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