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    I live in India and till date none of the Microsoft Surface devices have been launched here in this country.

    I really wanted to buy the Surface Pro 3 and was waiting for it to be made available in India. Unfortunately, it never became available. I didn't want to order it from other country due to warranty issue and high custom charges.

    Now, the Surface Pro 4 has been announced and I can't really wait any longer to get one.

    I need some advice as to what all problems will I have to face if I order one from USA.

    The problems I can think of is the warranty issue and with the power supply. Can anyone help with how to solve the power supply issue, the supply voltage is different in India compared to US?
    I can live without a warranty, but can't keep my device without charging it.

    If anyone has any experience with buying a Surface Pro outside the available country, please enlighten me with the issues that you faced.

    EDIT: No longer required as Surface Pro 4 coming to India in January 2016 | Windows Central
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