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    Anyone else out there who use a Dell U2713HM and have a SP4 get it to output anything?
    SP4 recognizes monitor, sees it as a U2731HM monitor under device manager. I've updated monitor drivers and latest Graphics Intel 520 display adapters (Current 11/2 firmware update). When I plug it in, it goes to Entering power safe mode. When I unplug it, monitor notices there is no connection so it gives error "No displayport cable" going to sleep in 5 minutes.
    I did test it with a HP LA2306x and SP4 is able to output from MDP at 1920x1080P just fine.
    I've even purchased a cable known to work but it was for SP3 and Windows 8.
    I've read the cable could be the culprit, is it a windows 10 issue, or Intel 520 graphics driver issue?
    I've purchased 3 different cables from Amazon. Accell B119B-007J (known to work with SP3 and Windows 8).

    Accell B119B-007J (known to work with SP3 and Windows 8).
    Cable Matters Gold Plated Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt Port Compatible) to DisplayPort Cable in Black 3 Feet - 4K Resolution Ready
    StarTech.com 3 ft Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.2 Adapter Cable M/M - DisplayPort 4k with HBR2 support - 3 feet Mini DP to DP Cable
    This is sorta a deal breaker since I want to use my monitor. I really would like to keep SP4.
    Would getting a new surface dock make a difference?
    UPDATE 11-17

    Since, I could not get it to work I purchased mDP to HDMI and was outputting 1080 to UDell2713HM. I read people having issue with surface dock. I wanted it more for ethernet and just having to plug one cable for power and display. I just for the hell of it plugged in my mDP to DP to Dell cable from my surface dock and it is showing 2560x1440p. I then plugged the same cable directly to SP4 and no display.
    I am using the startech cable. I'm glad this saga is over.
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    11-02-2015 10:51 PM
  2. orangesplease's Avatar
    I think it's most likely a cable compatibility issue. I purchased the same cablematters cable w no luck. Currently I'm using a monoprice mini displayport to HDMI adapter that works just fine. I would prefer the mDP to DP cable, however.
    11-03-2015 10:46 PM
  3. FXi2's Avatar
    Have older versions of both SP3 to U2711 and it works fine, believe with an Accel cable. I would, after connecting, double check your surface settings are actually outputting to the monitor, try mirror mode till it comes out correctly on both. Also be sure your DP settings are set right 1.1 vs 1.2. I only have 1.1 so try that first, but if fails change it around because I use 1.2 at work for dual monitor setup. You should be able to get this to work.
    11-03-2015 10:52 PM
  4. Leo90604's Avatar
    Are you then only using 1920x1080 and not the full 2560x1440 with HDMI?
    11-03-2015 11:22 PM
  5. FXi2's Avatar
    Work I use dual 1920x1080. Home 2560x1440. I don't use HDMI except to connect to projectors in conf rooms since I prefer HDMI to DVI. Not sure where you interpreted that I use HDMI. All monitors are connected with DP. In the case of dual monitors I use daisy chained DP 1.2 which strings to first then out from first to 2nd. Means only one plugin to the SP3.
    11-05-2015 02:47 PM
  6. Leo90604's Avatar

    SP3 and U2713HM works fine but not on SP4. I tried a mDP to HDMI and I get 1080p output. You mentioned changing DP from 1.1 to 1.2. Can you tell me where you switch this? I do not have this option on my Dell U2713HM monitor.
    11-11-2015 02:10 PM

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