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    I often use my Surfacebook pro 4 watching movies. My movies are stored in a NAS in a local network. I access them via wifi. The NAS files are mapped as a drive in the Surface. With this setup i would watch my local NAS movies streaming using the Movies and TV program. There was no problem.

    With the recent update of the Movies and TV app from the App Store i can hardly watch my streaming movies. The movies cut-out and stutter a lot as if i have weak connection. This only happened with the previous update. The movie would pause, the film would buffer or load then would resume again. The problem is this happens often every 2-3 minutes. This never happened during the previous versions. To make sure its to a network/wifi/adaptor/link problem when watch the same movie in VLC (from the app store as well) the movie does not cut out as often

    Is there a way for me look for and manually load and revert back to the older version of the app without restoring from a restore point?

    On another note a shoutout to Microsoft, PLEASE FIX THE MOVIES AND TV app.

    12-19-2015 05:17 PM

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