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    Hello there, I just wanted to share my thoughts and my experience with SP4 i7 16GB 256HD with Keyboard &Surface mouse

    First of all, you may want to check my first post (http://forums.windowscentral.com/mic...third-one.html )

    I am going to try to make this as short as possible, I replaced the SP4 twice after that post ( 5 replacement in total ) and every single one have the same issues which are:

    - The sleep/wake up issue that was not solved yet at the time of me returning the SP4.
    - The audio driver keep crashing. Groove too.
    - When you try casting (to MS adapter) from the video player the SP4 start acting crazy and it cast/mirror 1/4 of the video.
    - Touch screen become not responsive sometimes when detaching the device from the keyboard.
    - The pen stop working from the tip side and there is no way to fix it, you just leave it and by the end of the day it's working again. ( tried re-pairing it but didn't work ).
    - Some simple features are missing from Windows10 and this is suppose to be the pro version too. Example: WiFi network priority setting. Maybe it's not a disadvantage but for someone coming from Windows7 it's certainly one.

    - The back-light leaking/bleeding issue. For a lot of people this may not be an issue but it's for me and it's the main reason for the decisions i made.

    The good thing is that MS acknowledge the problem when i send them photos of the issue and they offer a replacement but i believe that all the SP4 have this issue ( at least the ones i tried ) hence there is no point to keep replacing it.

    So the main reason is the back-light leaking/bleeding issue which in my opinion should not be in a 2000$ device if you count the accessories. And Windows 10 is delicious but not well baked, not yet at least.

    If you don't mind the hardware issue I mentioned above then please go ahead and get one, you will love it and most of the software issues have a solution but you will have to search for it or wait for MS to solve it with an update.
    As for me I will wait for an LTE SP4 or the SP5 whoever comes out first.

    Two different devices showing the problem, i didn't take a photo of the first 2 SP4 I had and the 5th one I tested in the store.
    ( sorry about the quality of the pics)

    2 vidoes showing the sleep/wake up issue:

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    01-25-2016 05:46 PM
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    I have a lot of the same issues. It's infuriating that I paid $1800 for this beta laptop.
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    01-26-2016 03:10 PM
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    I agree, we're beta testers even in the 4th iteration of this device.

    I would have gone to another brand but... Who else is out there that has an i5 tablet first, then laptop, build with 8gb ram and 256 ssd? A MUST have for me is the pen! I use it ALL the time! NO ONE! No one makes a device that can DIRECTLY (not similarly) compete with this... I saw a few things in CES this year, but, a Samsung tablet? Ha! No thanks! Say goodbye to updates after 1 year. Also, it was an M processor, not a full fledged i5/i3/i7...

    I feel your pain :( IF you can return it, return it and wait until you can get another one when the issues are gone. But if you're looking for a portable device, there are TONS:
    HP Spectre line
    Dell Inspiron 7000 have touch screens and pens
    Samsung has those new ones coming out

    I mean, the options are there, just nothing that completely compete with the Surface line, and I think that's why we are putting up with all these bugs and returns...

    I'm waiting for my 5th, and hopefully last, device. This one disconnects from my projector and monitors all too often, and the fan also rumbles.
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    01-27-2016 01:12 AM
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    You named it right, a beta 2 in 1

    And thanks for the suggestions but none of them even come close to the SP4 in my humble opinion.
    Only the HP Spectre X2 caught my eye but it's still far from being a SP4 competitor ( at least not to the SP4 i7 16GB RAM version ). But I will give it the advantage of the LTE.

    I was looking for a portable yet powerful 2 in 1 and the SP4 is one but things like these are really disappointing. And as for waiting till they fix it, I don't think it will be fixed ( I'm talking about the back-light leaking specifically ) since not a lot of people complaining about it or even noticing it.
    So I will just wait for SP5 or LTE SP4.

    And one last thing, Some people don't get the idea that there is no point in being a fan, especially when you are paying nearly 2000$. I will cheer for any company that make a good product. But when you become a blind fan despite being ripped off then it's either you just don't know you're being ripped off or it's not your money that you're spending

    Anyway, cheers for the awesome WC community
    01-27-2016 07:26 PM

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