1. anon(9668900)'s Avatar
    I'm planning to buy a Surface Pro soon (perhaps, May-June). Now Surface Pro isn't released in India as frequently as other countries, so the SP3 and SP4 are still officially new devices here.


    1. I would use the SP4 as my only computer (apart from the phone). Does it really have too many problems? I am currently using an old low-midrange HP laptop, and it's manageable right now, but causes trouble sometimes (not too critical).

    2. Where does one get the type cover (in India)? It doesn't seem to be on Amazon.

    3. How is the performance of the i5 version for Engineering applications?

    4. Is there anything better? I would like a stylus functionality to take notes.
    02-26-2016 12:14 AM
  2. saptarshee's Avatar
    I am using i5 4gb .. And its just superb in term of function and speed.. As per specification

    I didn't find any such huge problem..
    Battery is just superb.. More than 6hr continuous use with wifi and in sleep mode with some time intermittent work- its around 2-3days..

    I think type cover is on amazon with 12k..

    If you like lighter device with long battery and design for drawing and handwriting than its would be first ..

    Painting is my hobby but not get time test on sketchbook or else software but in built fresh paint is more than enough like drawing with colors on paper with brush..
    02-26-2016 04:04 AM

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