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    Hi all

    I haven't seen this in the forums, or on the main page of the site.

    Currently PC World have the following offers on the Surface Pro 4:
    • M3, 4GB Ram, 128GB, 629.00 (reduced from 749.00)
    • i5, 4GB Ram, 128GB, 699.00 (reduced from 849.00)


    MICROSOFT Laptops - Best MICROSOFT Laptops Offers | PC World

    From what I can gather, as the devices are over 599.00 you can also claim 10% cashback at a later date by completing an online form. (Cashback rounded up to the nearest .) So potentially, after receiving cashback, the:
    • M3 would cost 566.00; and
    • i5 would cost 629.00

    Somebody check my maths

    (However, I'm always sceptical about actually receiving the cashback in this manner, so I wouldn't factor in receiving that - I would just see it as an added bonus if it is received. Still, the offers appear good even without the potential 10% cashback.)


    There's also an offer for trading in your old laptop, for up to 200.00. According to the website, you can trade in and still use the 10% cashback offer. It is not clear, if the trade in takes the price you physically pay below 599.00, whether you would still be able to claim 10% cashback - it's best to get confirmation on that from a member of staff.


    Unsurprisingly, as it's part of the same group, Currys also have the offer. MICROSOFT Laptops - Cheap MICROSOFT Laptops Deals | Currys

    See all T&Cs: Enjoy 10% cashback on laptops and MacBooks |Currys

    08-19-2016 03:57 AM

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