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    I tend to use my SP3 almost exclusively from home, I have very fast broadband.

    Since the anniversary update I was starting to think I had an intermittent fault on my Wi-Fi connection but only on the SP3, phone and other stuff all working fine, last week I took the step of shutting down my entire system, and although when I ran Speed Test I got stonking figures of over 82 Mbps at other times web pages would time out or I was dropping connection.

    So I had a look around my settings and went into Change adapter options, clicked on my Wi-Fi went to Properties/Advanced/Band and noticed it was Auto, so I changed to 2.4 GHz only.

    OK I now only get 40+ Mbps, but it's stable and I can surf away with ease
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    09-04-2016 06:44 AM

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