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    I am very interested in using an i7 iris graphics model Surface Pro 4 with 16gb ram to run Photoshop however before I pull the trigger on purchasing I wanted to check in with other users and find out more about what their experience has been like. I have read many reviews both negative and positive (some reviewers seem better informed of specs/performance factors than others)-but I'd love to hear your thoughts on running photoshop on a high spec surface pro.

    How well does stylus/touch input work for painting/drawing in photoshop? Are filters such as liquify or other filters incredibly slow or do these run decently? Do you have any experience working with the touch/stylus tools for collaging/compositing?

    Any feedback you can share would be infinitely appreciated. If anyone has videos of them working or other examples I'd love to see these as well.

    Thanks so much!
    12-29-2016 11:41 AM
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    I'm running Creative Suite 5 so it's pretty "old" but it works great for my needs. A lot of features have been added since. Some things have been improved in terms of the user interface but a lot hasn't really.

    UI scaling is pretty poor with CS5 and I heard it's not that great with the latest version. Which means tiny tiny buttons to click on. If you're a keyboard guru, good, because that's mostly the way I navigate the UI. I read that they implemented touch a little better. With CS5, there is no touch support. I would love to be able to pinch to zoom in and out. Or to rotate the canvas. I do know the latest version of Lightroom is fantastic with touch (which I use regularly for photo editing).

    The speed is great on my Surface Pro 4 with i7/8GB/256GB. I don't know how well hardware acceleration works in the latest versions of Creative Suite. But with CS5, it was poor especially with Intel hardware.

    Painting and drawing is okay. It's just that switching tools sucks while using the pen. Things will be much better once the Surface Dial is better implemented.

    And some tools just work better with the mouse than the pen (but conversely, some tools are immensely better with pen than with mouse).
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    12-29-2016 03:36 PM

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