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    I've been struggling with keeping my external monitors driven from the Surface Pro 4 dock to stop cutting out and need some advice.

    I've replaced my desktop setup to a Surface Pro 4 i7 16GB + New Surface Dock. But ever since I got this setup, I've been struggling to keep my two monitors connected to my dock from lossing signal. I've tried many different things, but haven't seem to be able to find a long term stable solution. Looking on the web didn't yield me any positive result or any anyone posting similar problem in recent days.

    Here's my setup:
    - Surface Pro 4 16GB
    - New Surface Dock
    - Mini Displayport to DVI adapter
    - VE247 DVI monitor
    - SyncMaster 710T DVI monitor

    I don't seem to have any trouble or problem running my monitors off this setup, but after using it for sometime (few minutes to few hours) the external monitors would appears to lose signals and turn off leaving my Surface Pro 4 monitor on. Looking at the device manager or display setting shows my two other monitor, but I'm unable to extend my desktop or get their signal back. The most efficient way to bring them back is to do a power cycle on the dock. Unplugging the dock for 10 second would normally do the trick to bring the monitors back.

    If I move the cables or dock a bit it would disconnect the monitor in the same way. Unplugging the monitor cable and reconnecting it back doesn't help bring it back. I always have to do a power cycle on the dock to get my monitors back.

    Is kind of strange in the fact that I can leave my computer on or put it in lock screen mode for over night and day and not have any monitor issues. It normally crash or cut out when I put load at it. The kind of load I put it to would be running a YouTube video on one monitor and working with browsers and RemoteDesktop on other screens. Sometime the monitor can crap out without much load as well.

    Some of the things I've tried, but didn't help:

    1. I've also read power draw from other USB device on the dock can cause monitor issues.
    - My dock is connected to an external sound card and USB is fully loaded with keyboard, mouse and hubs.
    - I've tried removing all the usb connected device and drive it directly off the surface instead, but this doesn't seem to fix the problem either.

    2. I've tried connecting only one monitor, but it doesn't seem to change anything or extend the period before having issue.

    3. I've tried running one monitor directly off the surface and the other off the dock.
    - The monitor connected directly to the surface never have any issues, but the monitor connected to the dock still craps out.

    4. I've fully updated my window and using the dock firmware updater to fully update the dock firmware to the latest.

    5. I've read someone had it working by orienting the cable to point vertically.
    - I've ran out of idea, so I've tried this too without much success.

    6. I've read that the dock's mDP require an active mDP to Dvi adapter.
    - Currently I'm using the VicTsing Mini DisplayPort 3-1 adapter I got off Amazon
    - After learning that I've tried the Cable Matters Gold Plated Active Mini DisplayPort to DVI but it yield even worst results
    I believe the VicTsing isn't an active adapter, but it appears to work for longer period of time. When I switch over to the Cable Matters active adapter it would scamble my video feed after a couple minute or hours and cut off. The VicTsing never scamble the feed, but it would just disconnect my monitors. I think the VicTsing adapter actually work better for a prolonged period of time.
    - Having both adapters, I've tried running one monitor off the VicTsing and the other off Cable Matters. The Cable Matter active adapter actually crap out first with the scamble feed.
    - I've also retest everything using both adapter and a combination of them.

    A lot of people seem to have issue when docking and undocking the device, but I don't really have any issue with regards to that. The monitors works fine after redocking everytime.

    I'm not sure if this is a problem with my dock, or adapter or monitor compatibility.

    If anyone have two cents to give, I would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    One more thing I've discovery recently, using the Shift + Ctrl + Win + B (restarting graphic driver) will recover my monitors. Sometime it will take two or three restart, but it would reconnect my monitors again. I've gone back to using the VicTsing passive mDP to Dvi adapter.

    This brings to the question, is it the video driver that's the problem here? Is it that the SP4 doesn't have enough power to run two monitors under load? Or maybe there's a bug in the graphic driver that crash under certain situations.

    Edit 2:
    Got in contact with Microsoft Online Chat support and we determind it might be a defected unit or a problem with the cable.

    So I brought my SP4 and Dock into the Microsoft store the next day to debug the issue. After spending over an hour at the store and testing three different dock and a combination of all the connections I think we identified the problem.

    Inititaly we couldn't reproduce my issue with single monitor, until we plug in two monitors. After plugging in two monitors we can disrupt the video and connection by wiggling the cable from SP4 to Dock.

    Our initial assessment was a defected unit, so we grab a demo unit from the store and test it. Worked fine with the demo unit, so got my dock replaced with a brand new unit. After hotswapping the demo dock with the brand new unit the problem came back.

    Then we hotswap back to the demo unit and the problem until to exist.

    After a couple more test we finally identify the possible cause.


    The problem is if the external monitors are connected to the dock after the surface has booted up it can cause video glitch or connection glitch. The stable way is to connect all the wires before booting up Surface and it has been running stable since.

    This is looks like a software/firmware bug, but that has a real physical element. Is baffling that slighty moving the cable can cause monitors to turn off and glitch out, but this problem can be fix or avoided if boot Surface up with the dock and monitor connected.
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    Hi, Jun888,

    I have a similar setup, Surface Pro 2017 i5/4GB/128GB, a Surface Dock, and two monitors, a Dell UP2516D and an old Asus PA238Q, both connected via DisplayPort. I have the same problem as you do - the dock display signal will spontaneously cut out after three hours or five hours or twenty minutes, it's hard to tell. I have tried all of your various troubleshooting efforts (except keeping the mDP plug vertical, that's too desperate) and no luck. I've tried daisy chaining vs. both monitors directly connected to the display, and no luck, the video signal still cuts out after a while. I notice that the USB and Ethernet are still working fine through the dock.

    Importantly, I have experienced the cut-out problem even when the Surface boots after all connections are made. I have noticed no improvement when, for example, restarting the Surface while everything is up and running, or alternatively, having the Surface off, connecting the dock, then starting up the Surface. The cut-out issue still happens.

    Until I read your post, I suspected that it was my older Asus monitor that was giving the dock trouble, but now I'm pretty sure it's the dock.

    Yesterday I updated the dock firmware to the latest version (Surface Dock Updater but there's been zero improvement. I've had to revert to plugging the monitors directly into my Surface, which is stable, though there is some flicker in the second monitor.

    My Surface Dock model is 1661.

    Any updates since January 2017?
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    I had what seems to be the same issue, where my display would stop working after some time (the time was intermittent) when using the mini display port on the Surface hub. I got around it by purchasing a USB to HDMI adapter. This one worked for long periods of time when connected to the Surface hub:
    After a few days of some heavy testing (hours on my Surfacebook), it worked with only one potential issue. My Surfacebook froze once while using this adapter connected to the Surface hub. I don't know that the adapter caused the issue.

    This one I just started testing:
    It is already flickering after ~15 minutes, but just cuts out for a less than second, then the display starts to work again.

    For stability, I suspect I'll go with the first adapter listed above.
    05-02-2018 03:48 PM
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    I have the same problem. SP 4, just bought a dock. Display works for some minutes and then stops. I have to either unplug the cable or power cycle dock, then it comes back for a few minutes. If I plug the monitor directly into the SP4 it always works. I have been using this monitor with my SP4 directly without dock for 6+ months with no issues. The monitor is an HP and is new in the past year. Very frustrating. I'll be returning the dock if I can't fix this. I went thru all updates to my SP4 and dock and talked with MS support, no luck.
    05-20-2020 10:45 AM

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