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    My Surface Pro 3 turned off in the middle of using it about a month ago.

    Completely bricked. It would not respond to anything.

    It was unplugged when this happened.

    I plugged it in thinking - "The battery must have been low, it must have gone to sleep."

    I noticed that the light on the charger was blinking every 3-4 seconds. Which it had never done before.

    I tried a hard reset (volume+ & power). Nothing.

    No response from anything. It was truly bricked.

    I left it on the table for a few days and pushed the power button periodically, just hoping.

    About a week later, it turned on!! Everything was there, the computer worked fine.

    Then it shut off again about 10-12 minutes after turning back on.

    Again, bricked. No response to anything.

    I tried it again every day, hoping it would turn back on. Nothing.

    Then another week or two goes by and it turns on again. I grabbed a flash drive and removed essentials, in case it turned off again.

    It did. Maybe 15 minutes.

    It hasn't turned on now in over a week. Again, completely unresponsive.

    I did take note that, when it was on, that the battery was fully charged.

    Anyone know why this is happening?

    What could cause any of these things, the blinking light on the charger, or the unresponsiveness?

    When it turned back on, everything worked, so I figured that it can't be a software issue.

    Could it be a problem with hardware?

    I would love to open it up, but I don't want to get into that until I'm sure it's not a software issue.
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