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    As mentioned above, whenever the surface restarts or switches on, the screen will get stuck on the surface screen. I did the 2 button reset and it worked, however if i did another restart or if switches it off and on, the surface splash screen will never go away until i remedy again with 2 touch. I also realized the keyboard can be an issue when docked, the issue also occurs at random without dock on restart or boot.

    Things ive done prior..

    Installing win 10, updating all the driver, disable touch screen due to faulty screen, removing of keyboard dock

    Background: Because the screen was cracked, i replaced it with another faulty screen ( i changed it myself, the faulty screen has ghost touch issues) . No issue with the previous screen but upon installation of the new one, issues mentioned above occured.

    Possibilities of faulty screen causing the boot to get stuck? Please give me some guidance as to why the issue is happening... thanks in advance!
    04-30-2017 11:37 AM

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