1. Wan Firas's Avatar
    How many of you have gone barebones and does your SP4 wear down? Does the screen easily get scratches?

    If you do put on a screen protector, what are the reasons?

    I have recently purchase an SP4 but still cannot decide whether a screen protector is a necessity.
    05-22-2017 11:41 AM
  2. davidhk129's Avatar
    I do not have a SP4.
    So, I do not have a "first hand" experience to answer your question.

    That said, I do have a Surface RT purchased 3 years ago. With excitement, I also purchased what they called " glass" screen protector (I don't remember the actual name of that screen protector) with the anticipation of protecting my "prized possession".

    The result ? There is not bloody way to lay the protector over such a large area without having zillion bubbles. Perhaps a dust-free high tech research lab was needed to prevent dust settling on the screen before applying the protector ?

    I ended up breaking the "glass" thing, out of frustration.

    As it turns out, I don't need a screen protector at all.
    With the keyboard cover protecting the screen when not in use, why need a screen protector ?
    You don't have long finger nails, do you ?
    05-22-2017 11:55 PM
  3. planetf1's Avatar
    I use a protector (glass) on my sp4. No issues with bubbles. Also use keyboard
    05-24-2017 08:06 PM
  4. meattray's Avatar
    Never used a screen protector. haven't found it to be a big issue for myself. Granted I'm not doing anything crazy with mine and I'm not taking it to places where I'll really scratch or drop etc.
    05-25-2017 08:42 AM
  5. camaroz1985's Avatar
    I put one on my SP3. No downsides, and $12 was cheap insurance against scratches or damage. Did the same for my wife's. I use Mr. Shield Tempered Glass on all of my devices. Easy to install, feel like the actual screen, no issues with touch response, and the warranty is great. If it chips or cracks, even if it is your fault, or you break it during install, just email them and they send you a new one.
    05-25-2017 09:00 AM
  6. Keeptechcoolandsimple's Avatar
    when i first bought my surface pro 4, i instinctively put on a tempered glass protector out of habit with my other mobile devices. about a month ago, i realized how glad i was that i had done that. i had left my sp4 in my bag without the type cover (for reasons im still not sure why) snd apparently thr contents of my bag put a little pressure on the screen. the glass protector had cracked but the screen itself was fine. glass protectors just give me an added sense of security
    06-01-2017 03:33 PM
  7. onlysublime's Avatar
    I've never used a screen protector on any of my Surface machines. It's not needed.

    On the other hand, the backside of the Surface machines do need protection as the magnesium or coating does scratch pretty easily. It was worse when they had the black finish on the Surface RT, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. But even with the gray, you can easily see it. I put skins on all my machines afterward.
    06-01-2017 11:08 PM
  8. anon(5327127)'s Avatar
    I think that you should ask the person that's made most of your decisions for you: Your Mum. She knows so much and will probably know the answer to this one as well.

    I've never had a cover on my Surface Devices. If you have the keyboard it pretty much covers you (haa haa).
    06-02-2017 04:27 AM

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