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    I just got a new Refurbished Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft. The specs are 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and Core i7 processor. I had a Surface Pro 2 before I got the Pro 3. What I've noticed with the Pro 3 is that the right side of the tablet will get hot and the fans will start running once the CPU goes above about 10% usage. My Surface Pro 2 fans would start running when the CPU was about 60% or higher so it seems odd to me that the Pro 3 gets hot and the fans run at just 10% usage. If I do anything slightly CPU intensive, the fans will start running. For example, when I start watching YouTube on Chrome, the tablet will get hot and and fans will start running. It's very annoying!

    Is this normal for the Surface Pro 3 to do this or do you think something might be wrong with it? Does anybody else experience this same thing on their Pro 3?

    Extra info:
    The tablet was refurbished by Microsoft, I bought it online from the Microsoft Store. The tablet initially came with Windows 10 but I hate Windows 10 so I installed Windows 8.1. I've made sure that all the correct drivers are installed, I downloaded an entire driver package from Microsoft for the Pro 3. There are no unknown drivers in the Device Manager and no driver errors show up. All Important Windows Updates are installed. I don't have a virus on my computer, I've done a full scan from Sophos Home and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
    06-04-2017 07:00 PM

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