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    While watching a movie last night, the surface suddenly froze and made a very loud buzzing sound. I tried Ctrl + Alt + Delete, but it did nothing. After a bit of fumbling for what to do, I eventually forced a shut down. Since then, nothing shows up on my Surface screen. The keyboard lights up, and I can charge devices like my phone from it, but nothing on the screen. I can even hear the fans inside.

    First I tried to do a hard reset by holding down power and volume + (and volume -, in case I was mistaken). Still, nothing works. The keyboard fades in and out of light, indicating to me that it's trying to boot but can't.

    My warranty ran out three months ago, and it costs 29 dollars just to talk to someone on the help line. Please give me some advice so I'm not forced to replace the whole computer on my own dime.
    07-23-2017 03:29 PM

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