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    Hey hope someone could help me with these problems

    1: Surface Pen tendency to stop working
    I've had this before and I fixed it but I can't remember how!?!?! The pen just doesn't work on the screen anymore, and I know it's not due to the battery as the drawing feature works without the battery.

    2: Sleep, is this something to do with that connected standby feature, can't remember exactly what it's called
    But I've tried disabling it and specifying that pressing the power button only turns the screen off, yet after a certain update, pressing the power button seems to shut the surface down and then when it turns on comes up with the surface splash screen.

    This seems to cause all sorts of problems such as the surface just sitting on the splash screen forever, or the power button just doesn't respond when I press it, so yeah the surface is quite a handful to use at the moment!

    Any help much appreciated!

    12-17-2017 05:40 AM

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