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    I just sold my Surface Pro (2017) i5 (7300u), 128gb ssd, 4gb ram in order to buy the HP Spectre X2 with a 512gb SSD, 8gb ram, i5 (7260u) because the HP was on sale for what I could sell the Surface for - so I figured I got a little more buying the HP.

    But I'm concerned about the fan and heat. The Surface is fanless which I have loved - should I be concerned about the HP performance? I just use it for basic stuff like mail and surfing the internet and some old light Stream / gog games. I haven't received the HP yet but I guess I can return it if I don't like it.

    Anyone done the similar?
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    08-03-2018 05:16 AM
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    It sounds like you got a good deal, but tbh I love my surface products and will use them until they literally won't switch on anymore :)

    With that said, HP has raised their game significantly over the past 2-3 years and are arguably the best Windows OEM partner in the market right now, in terms of build quality, precision and overall performance, so you won't be disappointed in your purchase
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    08-04-2018 02:43 AM
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    The fact that it has a fan should makes it cooler or faster (/less throttling) than the Surface Pro (considering they have a similar cpu and screen). The biggest loss is probably battery life compared to the Surface Pro 2017, if you can cope with that than it sounds like a good deal. The HP X2 seems also more reliable to me.
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    08-04-2018 04:43 AM
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    Thanks for the input guys - I'm excited to receive the machine and see how it works out. I'll use it mostly at home so battery life is not too much of a concern, although I've appreciated that the Surface didn't have to be charged that often.
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    08-05-2018 03:09 PM
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    How is it going with the new machine?
    08-27-2018 11:22 AM

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