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    Can a keyboard be beautiful? After all, this is the mostcommon of PC accessories, tossed in to most manufacturers full-size PC packageswithout much thought and experimented endlessly on with differing sizes, keyarrangements, extra features and the like. I’ve owned many different keyboardsand keep a few of the older models around for emergency purposes. I’ve neverthought of any of these keyboards, which includes models from PC manufacturersas well as Logitech and Microsoft, as beautiful. Yet that was the very wordthat came to mind instantly when I took the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboardfrom its box.

    I was struck by the looks of this newest keyboard from Microsoftwhen it was announced after the recent Windows 10 event. I’ve been interestedin an ergonomic keyboard for some time but I was turned off by the appearanceof them. The Surface model fixes all those visual issues for me while retainingthe benefits of the arched keyboard and split keys. It also adds an excellent wristrest of ample size and covered in comfortable Alcantara fabric. Microsoft firstused this material with its Signature Edition Type Cover for the Surface Pro 4.I purchased that accessory and have enjoyed the performance of the material aswell as its appearance.

    As attractive as the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is, it needsto be held to truly be acknowledged as beautiful. Unsurprisingly for the Surfacebrand, it is made of quality materials. The keyboard is thin yet feels solid,almost as if it were carved from a block of quality polymer. The keys aren’t astall as those on a more typical full sized keyboard but still offer a satisfactoryamount of throw. They aren’t loud and “clacky” but make a satisfying click whenpressed. The two AAA batteries are installed in a small rectangular compartmentthat is the only interruption to the otherwise clear back side of the keyboard.There are no labels or FCC stickers. There is only the word “Microsoft” printedin a darker shade of grey on the battery compartment door. The Bluetoothpairing button is in the battery compartment and protrudes just enough throughthe door to activate. The door itself appears to be held in place with a magnet.Every element of the keyboards design has clearly been thought out.

    And this attention applies to the keys themselves. TheEscape key is in the Function key row and sized similarly. The Function keysdouble as volume, brightness and media playback controls as well, along withWindows 10 features such as Task View, Action Center and Settings. There isalso a dedicated Print Screen key and one of my favorites from older Microsoftkeyboards I’ve used: a key that opens the Calculator. The included numerickeypad keys are full size and offer a second set of Insert and Delete functionsas well. The Function, Caps, Screen Lock and Number Lock keys have lightedindicators when they are activated. The arrow navigation keys are arranged in acomfortable and familiar pattern. The keyboard itself is not backlit.

    This keyboard was my introduction to an ergonomic style.Just beginning to type on such a board instantly allows you to discover theadvantages as your wrists just naturally are held in a correct position. Aswith moving between any keyboards of differing sizes, typing itself requires abit of time to adjust. Learning just where the gap in the keys is (“G” is overthere, “H” over here) came to me quickly, and I was back to my usual speed andaccuracy within 30 minutes. I am not a trained or professional typist, but I doa lot of it in the course of my work.

    In conclusion, I am not surprised that Microsoft paidattention to detail on an accessory with the Surface brand. Yet I am stillsurprised at the notion that a keyboard can be beautiful. This one is and did notsacrifice function for form but melded them as well as anyone ever has for anaccessory as commonplace as a computer keyboard.
    11-12-2016 11:42 AM
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    11-13-2016 12:29 AM
  3. someoneinwa's Avatar
    I get your point, you're a busy guy, what with over 50 comments here in the last two weeks. So here is a shorter version for you: if you like ergonomic keyboards, this one is really nice.
    11-13-2016 10:12 AM
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    Keyboard means a lot for professionals
    12-03-2016 02:19 PM
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    Fantastic post, I very much want this keyboard for my setup and I learned a lot from your writing. Thanks for taking the time.
    12-23-2016 12:59 PM
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    I heard about this kind of keyboard from a friend. He said that I need to try it but there was a catch there was only one of these in the department. It is in the IT Head's office. I was able to try it. Not too shabby. I liked it so much but it is very different from the ones we usually have. I felt like I could become like an E-sport player. Hahahaha. Yeah my wrists are on a better position but nah, I purchased something similar and was happy with it. Great write-up though except for the fused words.
    11-07-2017 01:37 AM

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