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    In thinking about the unveiling of Microsoft's own tablets, it dawned on me after reading a naysayer's comment that this is a necessity. A lot of people are moaning and groaning about how different Windows 8 is - specifically the Metro interface and start screen - and how everyone is going to hate it because it's change. Then I thought about MS breaking into the tablet form factor with their own entry that leans more laptop than phone (as opposed to iOS and Android which borrows more from their respective phones than laptops).

    People are still buying PCs and will continue to buy PCs. Many of those people, however, may be expecting to see the same familiar iterative upgrade in Windows 8 and will be shocked to see the new interface. But when you buy a tablet, you nearly expect it to be an interface change from your desktop or laptop. And it's okay when it's different.

    I'm not suggesting this is absolutely their endgame, but I wonder if part of the strategy here is to not just make an excellent looking piece of kit, but also to help people ease in to Windows 8. I've been jonesing for a tablet for a few months now and have gotten really close to jumping on a refurb iPad 2 (Android options just don't cut it). Since I'll be coming from Win7 on the desktop, buying a Surface (RT or Pro) would give me that expected UI change that I would have gotten with an iPad - not the same interface, but still different than what I'm used to on the desktop, laptop and Trophy.

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    06-19-2012 08:16 AM
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    When you buy an iPad, you sacrifice the productivity you know and love. The world needs to know that Windows Surface isn't an ordinary tablet. It's not "iPad-like" it's just not.

    This is a mobile computer in the strongest sense of the word. It does everything. The iPad is fine for games and coloring and stuff like that, but there aren't any real hardcore dependable applications on the thing. And multitasking is. Is virtually nonexistent.

    So this new Surface is going to really usher in that POST-PC age. It's the fastest, latest, and most portable.

    With the iPad, you still need a laptop, with the Surface, you don't need a laptop.
    06-19-2012 10:29 AM
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    Like I said before, people want cool things. This tablet is cool, people won't care that it runs Windows, they want something cool. I want something cool, I want this tablet.
    06-19-2012 07:44 PM
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    I think this exactly Microsoft's strategy. They have a vision for the future of computing and they've invested a lot into it with their new OS. The Xbox services, the awesome Smart Glass integration and now the Surface are just going to make sure they achieve their vision. You could argue this started 10 years ago. This is the true mark of a leading company. I can't wait to see what they'll announce for the WP platform tomorrow.

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    06-19-2012 08:04 PM