1. Chris Hesse's Avatar
    I just ordered mine online at 7:58 local just now. 128 GB hope they don't come back and say my bad...
    commo and unstoppablekem like this.
    02-09-2013 08:01 PM
  2. commo's Avatar
    Just saw your post and quickly checked and ordered mine as well. Thanks for posting!!!
    02-09-2013 08:18 PM
  3. superlawyer15's Avatar
    annnd... just like that ...its gone
    FU M$ ...not playing this game

    Lenovo Helix awaits!!
    02-09-2013 08:23 PM
  4. Chris Hesse's Avatar
    Looks like you were just in time! I received my confirmation email. Score!
    02-09-2013 08:54 PM
  5. Nicholas Radtke's Avatar
    Seriously? I check all day and step away for dinner, and they're back and gone before I come back? *headdesk*
    02-09-2013 09:15 PM
  6. RTGent's Avatar
    Missed it too, but I much prefer an honest in-stock with a confirmation than a phony in-stock and an indefinite wait. I returned my RT on the 31st, so I have only been Surface-less for 9 days and can wait patiently for a 128gb.
    02-09-2013 09:20 PM
  7. commo's Avatar
    Yeah as soon as I ordered I went back to the store and it showed out of stock again. I did get an order confirmation email but no ship information yet. Hoping to get it by next week. Earlier I went to the MS Store and just bought the type keyboard and surface wedge mouse. Sucked coming home with only accessories.
    02-10-2013 12:30 AM
  8. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Still says out of stock for me on the Microsoft store website. 64 GB is fine. United States.
    02-10-2013 01:42 AM
  9. Olurumsana02's Avatar
    The online store is definitely all over the place. I also saw it in stock yesterday, Feb 9th, around 6 PM PST. I was able to order it, got confirmation e-mail and shows up under account. Checked back right after ordering and was back out of stock again. Just got my shipping confirmation a couple of minutes ago, will have this bad boy in my hands tomorrow. Can't wait!
    02-10-2013 12:39 PM

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