1. abek0's Avatar
    I can't seem to find out why CS 1.6 doesn't work on my surface pro.. It tries to start in OpenGL, but then goes to software mode and doesn't even open. Previously, I could get in and all it would do in a game is look up and spin ridiculously fast in circles. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Oh, and I don't have a problem playing CS:GO whatsoever.
    07-01-2013 11:58 PM
  2. stmav's Avatar
    Could be a video driver problem. Did you do the 8.1 preview?
    07-02-2013 02:54 PM
  3. abek0's Avatar
    Not at all. I haven't altered anything whatsoever. I'm frustrated because this supposed me to a top market computer, which don't get me wrong, it is. But I want to play a simple game. I'm confused why Cs go works, but 1.6 doesnt. Because its older?
    Sent from my HTC 8x using Board Express
    07-04-2013 03:36 PM
  4. jlangner's Avatar
    Have you played around with compatibility mode???
    07-19-2013 02:27 PM
  5. Splinter123456's Avatar
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