1. anon(5473600)'s Avatar
    So, I sent my Surface Pro to Microsoft because I'm having issues with the battery charging. It's still under warranty and according to their technical support website, it's free to fix a faulty battery. So I do.
    Then, I get a phone call from them. The guy on the line says that they can't help me because I messed with the product. Which I did, I fixed the hinge on the kickstand with epoxy because it broke maybe a month after I bought it. I fixed it, and never had another problem with it. But now it voids my warranty, and I understand this. Not happy about it, but whatever, I guess I'll have to keep the thing plugged in from now on, nothing I can do about it.
    Now today, I finally get the thing back, and it's covered in stickers and tape, because they freaking broke the kickstand off the epoxied hinges!
    I am very upset by this, so I call customer support and explain the situation, only to get a "very sorry that happened, but outside tampering voids the warranty" and when I ask how it was broken in the first place, they have no idea and there's no way to look it up. Eventually I get transferred to a guy that just says the same thing, only more stern and uncaring. So no help there. Not even an ounce of care in fact.
    So at this point, why should I buy another Microsoft product? I would like to get a Surface Pro 3 eventually if I can afford it, honestly. I think it's a great piece of hardware, but if it's going to have issues like this, plus the fact that I now expect customer service to make my situation worse, why should I even bother?
    08-06-2014 06:22 PM
  2. xboxonthego3's Avatar
    Hmmm.. Well this scenario sucks. But you said yourself you understand that you voided the warranty by fixing the kickstand yourself. I would have to side with Microsoft on this one. I'm curious to know why you didn't send in the surface for repair when you first broke the kickstand?


    Also I don't know why you would hold this against them in the first place. They are only following the policy for what was written for the warranty. I'm not sure how they made the situation worse. If this happened to me I could not blame Microsoft not being able to do anything for me.
    08-06-2014 07:42 PM
  3. anon(5473600)'s Avatar
    My anger comes from the fact that they broke my fixed kickstand. As I said, I'm not mad at them about not fixing the battery issue, I agree with that. However, there was no reason to break it of its hinges after I fixed it. That's what truly angers me, there was no reason for them to do that. What I used to fix those hinges was completely solid, I had no issues with it after that (over 8 months ago), and they saw fit to break them before sending it back to me. That is my issue.
    Does this not seem unnecessary to you?

    As for why I never sent the tablet in when the kickstand broke, I felt that was an easy fix, not worth the 200-300 dollars they wanted to charge me to replace the entire tablet. Now, with the way they've "re-broken" it, I've yet to be able to move the hinges out to even attempt to re-epoxy them back together.
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    08-06-2014 08:16 PM
  4. xboxonthego3's Avatar
    Oh okay! I see what you are saying now. I wonder if they started to investigate the device and may not of known about your kickstand fix. While trying to open the device it broke your fix. Then they probably realized it was tampered with. Well that's my guess anyway. There may not of been a way to open the device without breaking your fix for the kickstand.
    08-06-2014 09:05 PM

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