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    First of all, I cannot blame Microsoft for this because I hacked the registry to install apps on SD card.
    I refreshed my Surface RT so that I get a "fresh RT" to install all apps on after hacking. I hacked the registry to allow installing apps on SD card. Tried to install all apps from app store. I found out that I have to uninstall the apps before reinstalling them. Otherwise, they will not install.
    After having apps installed, my hard driver had about 13GB free. It is not too bad. After the latest firmware update, the free space has been creeping up. Last time I checked, it was 15.2GB.

    Then the problem came. I had an app that has an update. As usual, I tried to update the app. It will not update (failed). Clicking on the app will send me directly to the store. What do I do now?
    01-11-2013 08:01 AM

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