1. cthulhucometh's Avatar
    Does anybody know how durable the Surface screen is? Because last time I checked when Best Buy started carrying the Surface I didn't see any screen protectors for it yet.
    Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920
    01-11-2013 10:24 AM
  2. martinmc78's Avatar
    Its pretty durable in terms of usage - not sure how durable it would be to any hard knocks.

    I use it on a daily basis for 5-6 hours a day and my 3 year old gives it quite a bashing when shes painting on it or playing fruit ninja. Always keep one of those microfibre cloths handy though to get rid of prints after a few days use. Not had any issues and its got 2 months of use under its belt
    01-11-2013 10:32 AM
  3. nokialove's Avatar
    I don't think it's necessary at all, but you can find screen protectors for it online now.
    01-11-2013 10:43 AM
  4. textomatic's Avatar
    It's Gorilla glass so it's pretty tough. But even Gorilla glass can scratch and break. I have a Surface and a three year old and it's held up nicely. Heck, even my touch cover has held up. But my Surface has yet to hit the ground. Now that I think about it the fact that it has the kickstand and frees your hands is a big reason why we have yet to drop it to the floor. My daughter always uses it table top with the kickstand and I use it 90% of the time with the stand, too.
    01-11-2013 11:45 AM
  5. cthulhucometh's Avatar
    Thanks, my 920 uses it as well so I don't think I'll worry about it! Good to hear its Gorilla glass
    Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920
    01-12-2013 01:21 AM

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