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    First off lets get one thing straight: I love my Surface. Seriously, it's one of my most cherished gadgets that I've ever owned. The construction is excellent, Windows 8 UI works seamlessly with touch, multitasking is a blast, and the Charms bar is a seriously rockin' idea. Alas, Surface RT does not seem to be without it faults, and I agree that there is still a lot of work to do with the operating system as as whole (stability, and UI changes are indefinitely going to be made, and they should be). However, I fear that my BIGGEST issue by far, is not software related at all. But I certainly hope this is not the case!

    You see, my Surface appears to be receiving web information at a good pace. Apps load quickly, as does the information they need to retrieve. But I can't help but feel the IE10 (both metro AND Desktop experience) is HOPELESSLY cumbersome. Loading websites like TheVerge, Cnet (don't judge, they have a very wide variety of articles and reviews), Amazon, and even WPCentral to an extent, is just a (for lack of a better term) ****ty experience. But here's the deal: Once these sights are fully loaded they *sigh* for the most part, perform wonderfully. I can zoom in and out VERY fast, and travelling up and down pages is also speedy, and the images/text are usually loaded up with where the screen is (not a lot of re-rendering going on).

    So, whats the problem? I tried to use Pandora.com for the first time today, and it actually inspired me to write this complaint: most cites do not perform well with IE10. Now, one could say that is because a lot of sites just simply do not bother to optimize themselves for Internet Explorer, and valid point to bring up. But I have faith in the fact that IE10 is a WONDERFUL browser. I mean, all these websites are saying that the new IE is totally awesome right? So, then the issue must lie somewhere else.

    Today I opened my music music app to stream some DJ , not one song would go 10 seconds without skipping to buffer. I'd close it, try to open a webpage, and viewing the web is as hopeless as usual ( There ARE times when browser performance is actually quite pleseant, but that certainly happens less often than everything being slow as ****). I pick up my girlfriends iPad, put on facebook, go to TheVerge, and open Pandora.com: Smooth as a G*d d*mn whistle. So what gives? Safari REALLY can't be THAT much better in performance, right?

    Certainly not. I think Microsoft skimped us all on a ****ty wifi receiver. Has anyone also had performance issues with IE10? And to those who say it works "perfectly", I think you've just lowered your expectations of what is really good in favor of die-hard support support for OUR favorite company! Cause I honestly thought that was what I did, until I decided that it was bull**** ( and is hard to tout 'This is better than your iPad') when I couldn't even browse the internet effectively.
    **Note: Music app doesn't always skip on me, but it's happened a couple times.
    ***Note: I would absolutely love for Microsoft to allow me to turn off the setting that completely reloads a webpage after I've hit the "back" button.

    So, I love love LOVE my Surface, but It's embarrassing for me to have to resort to using my girlfriends iPad when I just want a simply easier web browsing experience. Any thoughts?
    01-28-2013 10:24 PM
  2. mFos's Avatar
    PS: It is Not my router or my modem or internet connection. I have been actively monitoring the performance of both of those devices...
    01-28-2013 10:27 PM
  3. v1c_gu3rra's Avatar
    IMO it's the apps/sites and not the adapter. I can stream movies/tv perfectly from xbox vid and a youtube app, even 720p. But, I notice slow/choppy streaming issues when I use the skydrive app and website to stream videos to my Surface uploaded from my phone.
    01-28-2013 10:59 PM
  4. derek533's Avatar
    See posts# 26-28 of this thread: http://forums.windowscentral.com/sur...t/199872-2.htm

    It made a noticeable difference for me and now browsing on the Surface is nearly every bit as fast as my laptop.
    01-28-2013 11:17 PM
  5. simpkijd's Avatar
    I'm going to try to do a little more troubleshooting but I seem to have the same issues as the original post. IE10 seems very slow as compared to Safari on y wifes iPad. Same wifi at home sitting side by side is kinda comical how long it takes my Surface to load some pages. I tried the ideas as found in post #4 above but didn't seem to help. I'll try to report back if I discover something.
    02-06-2013 12:26 PM
  6. inteller's Avatar
    most of these sites contain webkit specific optimizations and workarounds to make them run smooth on Safari....it is the whole IE6 debacle all over again. If they would use standards based prefixes and browser neutral coding, the sites would perform just as well or not well equally on all browsers.
    02-06-2013 02:13 PM
  7. ninjaap's Avatar
    I had problems with certain websites and video playback and tried installing TPLs as well, but still no change. So I tried "settings/general/refresh your PC without affecting your files". And everything smoothed out and now works great! Be warned though, it will remove your windows updates and you'll have to reinstall them again.
    02-07-2013 01:46 AM
  8. Microsoftjunkie's Avatar
    Hmmm, sounds interesting, never had any slow or sluggish loading/rendering from IE 10. Its pretty much been the best browser to date.
    02-07-2013 01:58 AM

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