1. stephen_az's Avatar
    Just a FYI to anyone running Windows Server 2012 Essentials that Microsoft recently released the My Server app for Windows RT. It is quite useful and offers remote access to files, plus video and music streaming capabilities. It also gives access to status and alert messages for the server and any connected machines. One other very nice feature is any file you open remotely on the server is then cached on the tablet for offline use. It has officially be around for a few weeks now - purely a FYI for anyone interested who hadn't noticed it yet.
    02-01-2013 02:52 AM
  2. Omnislash9998's Avatar
    That sounds interesting not seen that app. Im running 2012 standard i guess that will work as well? Ill have a look when im home don't have my surface with me at the minute.
    02-01-2013 03:10 AM

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