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    I have always had trouble with touch screens "microwaves, gas pumps, point of sale pads, ect" and thought it was from dry hands from being a mechanic. It has been slightly better since I have retired. My hands are also on the large size, XXXL gloves might make it. I have wanted a tablet for a while and because of my problem I am always looking at new products.

    The other day I was at Best Buy and they had a Surface Pro and RT side by side. While using both tablets I was having a hard time getting the windows button to bring me back to the start screen. A salesman came over and I complained jokingly that my thumbs weren't working. When I hold a tablet in landscape with my finger tips of both hands I can reach the whole screen with my thumbs and a lot touches were failing. The salesman figured out that finger TIP, touches were better. I was tapping that Win button with the pad of my thumb and I guess the larger surface area was confusing the software. Holding one handed and poking with an index finger worked 100% or changing the angle of my thumb and touching with the smallest part of the tip or edge also worked 100%.

    Well they say you learn something new everyday and this gem was a real surprise. On an odd side note with both tablets when I used the pad of my thumb and the touch failed I could feel a slight vibration like a miniature relay closing. I really doubt there is a relay in there but it happened every time and that is what it felt like.

    Well I hope I wasn't too long winded and that someone finds this interesting or better yet helpful ................calfee
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    02-24-2013 09:03 AM
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    Having a big thumb might be useful for certain operations on a touchscreen. I remember this video on CrackBerry. The Fat Thumb lets you use your touchscreen with one hand | CrackBerry.com

    I've actually used that technique when I want to scroll on a touchscreen device.
    02-24-2013 11:19 AM

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