1. Lumiamike's Avatar
    I need advice on how to remove an email account in the mail app on win rt, I already realise that selecting an account from settings brings up options and if scrolled to the bottom, delete account is available

    However that seems to only apply to email accounts that are still available and live

    I decided to kill off a Google email address and after I had done so using my pc I returned to my surface rt to delete the now killed off Google account but I cant, the mail app appears to want to connect to the account to check for settings and any options it may have, if the account has already been deleted then the mail app just throws up a box with trying to connect to service and basically gives no other options !! So I am left with a dead account in mail that at the moment I can't seem to remove ??

    Any ideas or suggestions please on how to remove an email account from win rt mail app that has been deleted at its source
    10-18-2014 01:56 PM
  2. anon(5445874)'s Avatar
    Open 'Mail'. Swipe in from right, hit settings then accounts.
    10-18-2014 02:24 PM
  3. Lumiamike's Avatar
    Kev, you read all my post yeah ??
    10-18-2014 02:57 PM
  4. Ace Parsley's Avatar

    I don't suppose you've found out how to remove denoted account have you?

    I've got the same "Ball Ache" of an issues, as my mails linked to both my other laptops it's on those too!

    If you've got the solution and the time please may I have it, it would be greatly appreciated.


    03-20-2015 04:04 AM
  5. dr3x's Avatar
    Basically what you need to do is to temporarily disable your network connection before you can get to the settings page for the account you want to remove. On a laptop or mobile device, go into airplane mode. For a desktop, disconnect/disable your network cable and/or your wifi.

    Then when it attempts to sync the account, cancel out. You may have to try this a couple different ways, exit out of the app and then come back in. Eventually it will determine that it can't sync and show the account as offline, then you will be able to access the settings for the account by sliding in from the right and then selecting Settings - Accounts (or if you have a mouse, pointing to the top right corner and then pulling down)
    07-20-2015 05:36 PM
  6. BGrewer's Avatar
    An "extreme" option (if all else fails) is to delete the (metro) Email app before reinstalling it, however this'll mean you'll have to reinstall the accounts you need, although its a bit rash it works
    07-22-2015 06:30 PM

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