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    I am replacing a Surface Pro 3 with a new Surface Pro 3 (original was physically damaged-broken screen). I took a system image of the original - that was easy enough - but how do I apply the image to the new Surface. I go into Recovery>Advanced>Restore System Image. I plug in the external drive that has the image - I pick the correct image - then I get a message that I need to boot from a System Image boot disk - OK - fair enough - but I have tried booting from a USB DVD drive with the actual System repair boot CD - no luck. I made a bootable USB flash with a copy of a Win 7 System image boot disk - but it just won't boot from it. Yes - I am holding the Volume down and the pressing power, etc. The USB boot device works fine on my laptop and desktop - so my boot USB flash drive is not the problem. I have tried:
    Going into PC Settings>Recovery>Advanced and select boot from USB device
    Disabling secure boot
    Redoing the USB boot device with Fat32 instead of NTFS

    I tried making a Surface recovery Boot USB drive - which works to boot the Surface - but that is no different than going into PC Settings - recovery options. When you create a system image there is no option to create a system repair disk at the end (like there was in Win 7)
    So what am I missing??? Why can you create a system image of a Surface when there seems to be no way to apply it.
    10-25-2014 09:35 AM
  2. Dimpl's Avatar
    Same issue here. I booted from a recovery USB, chose 'troubleshoot' and 'recover from a drive', and it seemed to recover the PC, but didn't give me the opportunity to set an image to load.
    03-01-2016 04:12 AM

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