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    Below are quick descriptions of the prefixes used on new threads here in this forum. Be sure to select the one that applies to your deal, and if unsure, simply select the default 'Deal' prefix!

    After Rebate: For all after rebate deals.
    Brick & Mortar: For any deal found at a brick & mortar store (i.e. Best Buy, Target, etc.)
    BOGO: Buy one get one free.
    Credit card: Credit card deals.
    Coupon: For any offers via coupon.
    Free After Rebate: Any purchases that are free after rebate.
    Gift Certificate: For any deals via gift certificate.
    Instant Rebate: For instant rebate deals.
    Mail in Rebate: For all mail-in-rebate deals.
    Out of Stock: For all out of stock deals.
    Price Match: A price matching deal.
    Shipping & Handling: Shipping & handling discounts.
    Your mileage may vary: For any sort of deal where results are mixed (i.e. 'I talked to a representative and they gave me 20% off) use this prefix. In other words: 'this deal worked for me - and here's what I did - but it may not work for you!
    11-13-2015 02:01 PM

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