1. total007's Avatar
    Windows Pro SP2
    Dell Latitude D600, two (2) functioning laptop USB2 ports
    ActiveSync 4.5

    My MotQ9c won't sync using either built in USB2 ports on my Dell Latitude D600 laptop. I've reinstalled ActiveSync 4.5 several times. Here's the scenario that I'm experiencing. MotQ9c is recognized by WinXP Pro SP2 once I connect it to the USB2 port but the ActiveSync doesn't 'see' the device. Even under Device Manager I don't see a "Motorola Q9c" or even anything closely resembling it.
    What can I do (short of reinstalling the WinXP OS, which I won't do!) do debug this issue or resolve it?
    1) I have replaced the cable that came with the MotQ9c phone also.
    2) I have attempted to attach the MotQ9c at cold boot time, but the system hangs before the login screen.
    3) I have attempted to attach the MotQ9c after I receive the login screen and I don't get to the desktop.
    4) Each time I connect the MotQ9c after bootup, the system recognizes the new device but I can't get the sync'g to go forward.
    5) I have used the two (2) USB2 ports recently so I know that they are functional.
    6) Additionally, I've tried a Belkin USB card for the PC-slot but I still can't get the sync'g to work.
    Otherwise, laptop, OS and all applications work fine!!
    Pointers etc. helpful!!!!
    05-17-2008 03:59 PM
  2. bubbatex's Avatar
    have you turned off advanced network functionality? Settings > Connections > USB to PC > UNCHECK that box.

    Other than that, try updating to SP3(?).
    05-19-2008 08:37 AM