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    Hey guys, been using WebOS for 2 years and I'd say we have the *happiest* homebrew community. Android has the biggest but they're so fragmented and angry at each other it's stupid. And MS keeps Chevron away from you guys. HP completely embraces us with WebOS...but that being said I'm a Sprint user...

    The Palm Pre came out on Sprint in June 2009, and since then there's been 1 WebOS phone on Sprint, that has even worse specs(better form factor). The Palm Pre runs at 500mhz, and no matter how much overclocking can do, it can't change the fact that I only have 256MB of RAM. Pretty crappy in today's world of dual core phones etc. I love my Pre, and WebOS is still the best in how you can do multitasking and get to things much faster using Just Type, but the limited hardware availability of killing me. I don't have time for my phone to freeze up.

    With a 99.9% chance that the HP Pre 3 is not coming to Sprint, I have to look elsewhere.

    I don't want an Android phone because I don't like Android, period. I really liked the HTC Arrive. I prefer the Portrait keyboard of the Pre, but it's no deal breaker because I do have the virtual keyboard as well.

    I have yet to make the jump...but...

    Any places I should get started? I love homebrew 100% and I'd love to learn a lot more than simple video reviews by Tech sites like Engadget, etc.
    07-31-2011 11:29 AM
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    Dude, I know what you mean. Never would have thought I'd leave webOS for a MS phone but when you get down to it WP7 just has alot going for it and as a Sprint customer you only got a few choices. Thankfully WP7 is a user friendly mobile platform which anyone from webOS can appreciate.

    First place to get started is to march yourself down to the local Sprint store (or Amazon wireless) and get yourself an Arrive immediately. You won't miss your Pre at all, although until Mango is live you will miss multi-tasking.

    As far as homebrew......I had a Pre Plus on Sprint running at 1GHz, with PreWare, and dozens of patches. You won't find anything close to that on Windows Phone. I'm sure somebody can point you in the right direction as far as that goes but if you're looking to find the equivalent support it just ain't here. And that's not entirely a bad thing. I have spent 0% of my time modding this phone and I love it more than my homebrewed to the hilt Pre.

    Welcome to the community and enjoy your HTC Arrive as soon as you get the chance to pick one up.

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    Sweet that's a great response.

    Have you tried installing Mango dev release that is out? Is that something anyone can do but it's just like rooting your phone on Android where it's not exactly *simple*?
    07-31-2011 02:27 PM
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    07-31-2011 02:39 PM