02-18-2013 03:33 AM
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  1. JD Miles's Avatar
    I am indeed not 40 and have not been for the last 26 years!!
    If we could get those opionated store reps to learn about the operating system and move the windows displays a little closer to the front of the store, instead of the furthest back corner and as often as not, not even turned on, maybe we could get more of your generation interested. As it is now they try to talk you out of any consideration of any phone other than the latest Android or of course I-phone. "Why would you want a Windows phone!"
    Anyway glad I was stubborn enough to persevere and got the Focus, I am having as much fun with it as if I were 18 again!

    02-24-2012 11:40 PM
  2. ShadL's Avatar
    I'm not an old timer, I'm a 15 year old dude
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    02-26-2012 08:33 AM
  3. jodhashetty's Avatar
    Hi All
    Welcome to forums.

    hill billy lodge
    02-26-2012 08:54 AM
  4. clavecinist's Avatar
    30 for a few more days.
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    12-08-2012 01:25 AM
  5. TylerCassar's Avatar
    16 here :P...I own the HTC 8X California Blue Model ;) Spent all Summer working to buy the device :D
    12-08-2012 06:54 AM
  6. zephyrwala's Avatar
    24 here with Lumia 800 and Lumia 920 red
    12-08-2012 07:08 AM
  7. sullibr01's Avatar
    58 Here
    12-08-2012 07:11 AM
  8. Gamely Lounges's Avatar
    21 here.

    I wish I had the bank account of a 40 year old :p
    I'm 40somthing, and let me warn you: after 2 kids and a house in the suburbs, that bank account may not be such a "feature". ๐Ÿ‘ช
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    12-08-2012 07:25 AM
  9. AntGut's Avatar
    Good stuff, I used to be 17 once. (I Think) :D
    Pushing the heck outta 44. Been 17 at least twice and normally I have the mental prowess of half of that :)
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    12-08-2012 07:27 AM
  10. Explisiv's Avatar
    i'm 27 been reading wpcentral before the switch to windows phone. I loved this place more before all the nokia phone fans showed up. it is one thing to appreciate good companies but don't look down on a company that has been giving the smartphone market the most innovative energy to stimulate the market.

    people hate hate for not updating apps. well i don't see a need to update somethiong that already works. no htc app on wp7+ has crashed on me and i have owned htc mozart, htc hd7 and htc titan. even ton custom roms the software is bug free.

    sorry about the rant but I am still 27 lol
    12-08-2012 07:28 AM
  11. Letros's Avatar
    28, Black 920
    12-08-2012 07:31 AM
  12. St_Deborah's Avatar
    25 (white and black Lumia 900). My first windows phone was a T-mobile Dash and I simply loved that device, ditching my Sidekick for it. But, of course, I jumped in Android bandwagon when the G1 came out. Loved the is until I turned 23... Went BB yada yada... So, after using Android, symbian, RIM, and Apple, now I'm back. I am loving wp7 and being using a Nokia only makes my experience that much better. I've always liked their hardware and was very sad to get rid of my Nokia E71 based on the outdated OS.
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    12-08-2012 08:14 AM
  13. Steephill's Avatar
    17 here. I like to keep up with tech and wp7 really caught my eye. Wasn't able to get a smartphone till wp8 came out, but I'm loving it! I definitely feel it's the best phone OS out right now.
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    12-08-2012 08:25 AM
  14. Jason De Castro's Avatar
    22 here with a yellow 920. I'm lovin it :)
    12-08-2012 08:29 AM
  15. tarzanmarzan's Avatar
    22, male, Detroit/ Matte Black Nokia 920/ Only Windows Phone user I know in my group of friends ๐Ÿ˜’
    12-08-2012 08:32 AM
  16. orelzion's Avatar
    23, Israel. White Lumia 820
    12-08-2012 08:45 AM
  17. TonyDedrick's Avatar
    Correct. I'm just under the cutoff for Gen-X, at 30. Somehow, I'm not a Gen-Y-er either. Go figure...
    Depends on who you believe. Some place the beginning of Gen Y in the late 70s. At the very least its early 80s. So I would just go with that. I'm 29. I consider myself Gen Y.
    12-08-2012 08:48 AM
  18. Juanntwo3's Avatar
    18, White Lumia 920
    12-08-2012 08:57 AM
  19. Etyrnus's Avatar
    32, almost 33. Black Lumia 920.
    12-08-2012 09:32 AM
  20. tarzanmarzan's Avatar
    I'm 40somthing, and let me warn you: after 2 kids and a house in the suburbs, that bank account may not be such a "feature". ๐Ÿ‘ช
    ok how about a forty year old with a vasectomy? #zing
    12-08-2012 10:32 AM
  21. CamiKitti's Avatar
    I am now 16 with an upgrade to a black Nokia Lumia 920.
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    12-09-2012 02:17 AM
  22. andrewkim789's Avatar
    Read all of the posts here, I'm apparently the youngest here! 13 years old, and I'm part of the 7 people in my school to start the WP revolution =)
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    12-09-2012 02:40 AM
  23. krystea's Avatar
    22, and am also the only person I know that has a WP8 phone (or is even aware that Windows Phone exists).
    12-10-2012 12:43 PM
  24. berty6294's Avatar
    18 here! Just legal ladies! ;)

    I've been active on Microsoft forum sites for Xbox Zune and Windows Phone/Mobile since I was like 12 though!
    12-10-2012 12:49 PM
  25. Del1701's Avatar
    41 here with a Lumia 820, this is my first foray into wp8 but used to use winmo 6.1 and 6.5 ๐Ÿ˜
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    12-10-2012 12:56 PM
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