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    I'd figure i'd give it a try, A little about myself where to start. Well I'm originally the kind of person that likes the little guy. I was all about Helio when it came out loved it, Had the Ocean and all.

    Well for the past few years I was really a Palm fan had treo's then went to webOS and I loved it, with the Pre but was small and dead pretty much, but then I was also a fan of the whole google eco system so finally gave it a try, with the Moment and Backflip. So ever since I can remember I was romming or tweaking. Personally, I was not a fan M$ (Big Linux User) Primary OS is Ubuntu.

    So I only use M$ to play games and programs I can't use in linux. Either case I started with those phones then went to the Epic 4G to Nexus S 4G. I Still have my NS4G but recently got bored with it since running ICS. Also I wasn't a big fan of the FC's and the frequent lag. So I was looking for another phone, and decided I wanted something a little more stylish and decided to pick up an HTC Radar 4G, yesterday.

    Sorry if it seems like I'm rambling on. LOL, and so far I like it, but I'm a little disappointed with the lack of Flash, and app like Pandora.

    I guess I also wanted to give M$ ecosystem a try. But I don't know
    02-01-2012 08:55 PM
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    Sounds like you are going to struggle with WP, as it is all about the ecosystem. I have never used anything but Microsoft (16 years), nor do I care to. You can enjoy WP without the rest, but XBox, ZunePass, WindowsLive, SkyDrive, and things yet to come are what it's all about.

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    02-01-2012 10:45 PM
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    Yeah, I'm thinking I will. Although what looks to be coming down the pipeline does seem very promising, it still seems a little ways off. So I'm going to give it some time. I mean the main reason switching was because of phones being able to switch phones on the fly, not like CDMA where your limited to phones. I can have multiple devices. on hand
    02-02-2012 02:56 PM