1. grasshoper's Avatar
    Hi, hello, I'm new here and wonder how WP experience will be. Coming from webOS, it seems I'm really into outsiders :P

    Well, in fact I see in "outsiders" companies that need to deploy original stuffs to get a chance on the market, so not a bad thing after all.

    At first, I wanted a Lumia 900. But here in Europe, we'll have to wait another month at least before we can grab the little thingy's. So I went for an 800. Cheaper and really enough for my needs. Plus I've always wanted a curved glass on my phone, so here it comes, smooth and shiny ;)

    So I'm wondering: how come that the big majority of the cell-phone manufacturer never come with original designs ? Or it is so rare ... Just look at all those android-clones phones. They're all the same, bulky looking, not-so-well designed phones! And they are plenty ^^

    So as a designer myself, with a taste for great looks and nice designs, I went for the Nokia Lumia 800 which seems very very promising (didn't receive it yet, but it's a question of hours maybe).

    By force of circumstances, I'll be driving Windows Phone, and I think it's a good thing since it may be the best mobile OS after webOS (yes "after", because ergonomic on this platform is really, really awesome, so is true multitasking -even though it comes with flaws right now ie.:"too many cards"-)

    So I'll be riding with you for some time, and visit this forum once in while to share and learn :)
    04-06-2012 02:35 AM
  2. speedtouch's Avatar
    As a total webOS junkie, I welcome you to Windows Phone. I think you'll like it here. After HP nuked webOS in August of 2011 I moved to Android. Then, in February of 2012 I moved to WP7. I'm quite certain I'm not going to move again. :)

    Well, my guess is that manufacturers don't want to re-engineer a new phone for a different OS. Just recycle the phone, make a few internal hardware adjustments, and slap WP7 on it. I'd do the same, unless I was Nokia and WP7 is my new and only OS. Then I'd have a reason to re-engineer so I can differentiate myself from the hundreds of Android slabs. It all boils down to the bare essential in business: money.

    WP7 is an upgrade over webOS in many respects. You will give up true multitasking and universal search, but you gain access to top-notch apps, far better hardware quality, better speed, and more features like Bing Vision.

    Welcome to Windows Phone.
    04-06-2012 10:06 AM