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    Howdy all!

    My name is Peter, and I live in Sweden. I have been lurking around this site and forum some months, but today I signed up for an account. I have always had Nokia phones, and I just love good old blues music, and thats why I choose NokiaBlues as my nickname.

    Right now I'm using a Nokia N8, but my next device will for sure be a WP8 phone...and since I'm a big Nokia-fan, I'm looking forward what they will come up with when we talk about WP8 phones! Would love to get a WP8 phone with Pureview tech. :)

    Imo Windows Phone is a great mobile OS and I really think it will have a great future!

    And I'm really happy to be part of this WP-community!


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    08-09-2012 07:43 AM
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    Welcome. I am also a Nokia N8 user and a WP user.

    I just bought my wife a Nokia 808, she was use to Symbian^3. It takes her a longtime to get use to an OS, so it was an easy transition for her.

    I am also waiting for a WP8 with Pureview to replace my Nokia N8
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    08-09-2012 07:58 AM