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    Hey! Looking forward to learning and talking a lot on this forum. Heres the main story of me and my Windows Phone.

    I have a HD7, which I bought with no contract back in December 2010 from T-Mobile. I needed a new phone at the time since the Dash 3G I had before kept "running out of memory" for texts messages and space. I thought it looked really cool and I also had Netflix and Xbox so I could use those. It was really the only phone I had my eyes on.

    This phone has been pretty much indestructible for me, I have been accidently dropping it like nothing and I havent had one crack on my screen. I also got mud in it accidently when it was in my bag under my seat while four wheeling. The screen has internal scratches and a slightly dark spot in the corner. I think the water damage affected my phone by not being able to get texts (I could see them at the top when recieved but not in the app) but only happened a few times and I backed it up twice. I also got a larger battery that came with another backing because it sticks out farther then a normal battery but it has worked better then the normal one. Im still amazed that the phone hasnt broken and I am glad it has lasted so long, its been well worth the 500$ price.

    I like the phone so far, especially since it has been getting updates along the way (copy/paste, marketplace search, smilies, etc.) I am looking forward to the Tango update or the 7.8 update. Whichever comes first really, unless I get a WP8 before either of those.

    I am really hoping for a Lumia WP8 with Pureview and all the other rumors with it, hopefully it will be a nice turnout. Actually looking forward to see how all the WP8's turnout.

    See yall around!
    08-21-2012 10:19 PM