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    Oh what the heck, I kinda skipped this part when I first came on board, but since I'm spending so much free time on here, I might as well make myself at home, right? ;)

    My name is Aaron, and I'm in my 30s. I look just like my avatar except that I changed my hairstyle about a year ago (I'm lazy so it's more of a buzz cut right now). I've been a nerd all my life, and I'm quite proud of that fact. I claim to hate 98% of humanity, and I'm quick to remind people that 2% is still a LOT of people left to like, lol. OK, so really, I do like people... I just hate stupidity.

    My claim to fame is that you can search for GoodThings2Life on Bing or Google, and EVERY single reference is really me. There's no one else with this name, I'm really one of a kind, and I'm freaking everywhere, lol.

    I've been working in Information Technology (IT) as a desktop support guy and system administrator for 15 years professionally, and I've been doing it for over 20 years if you add on work I did in high school.

    I'm a Microsoft junkie, because quite frankly, they've kept me gainfully employed for this long (not by the company, just as an advocate/administrator/user), and although I don't know everything... there's nothing I can't figure out. I just "get them". I despise Apple with every fiber of my being for philosophical differences that started with their first Mac ad based on 1984... Steve Jobs is the man on the screen.

    I came to WPCentral from a link from another blog site, and I liked what I saw in terms of pro-Microsoft, pro-Windows Phone perspective, and I like the fact that the staff feels comfortable pointing out limitations and flaws too. It's always important to be honest with ourselves on the mistakes a company makes, because everything can be improved.
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    Welcome to the site. Great people and great information on this site. Glad to have you on board.
    09-02-2012 11:13 PM
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    Hey, I am Aaron and 34 and have a Titan. I dont look like my avatar though. :) I was the only Power5 on the net besides the IBM Power5 Processor but now some NYC DJ group has adopted the name Power5worldwide or something like that.

    When you get too many cute girls contacting you, make sure you pass them my way.
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    Hello and welcome aboard..
    10-01-2012 01:37 PM
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    Welcome, seen many of your post and I think it's great to have members like you with years of experience in the IT field & windows phone.
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