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    I am Heron from Singapore, 25 this year and looking for a job as we speak.

    I keep up with tech news daily as I believe in technology that improves our lives, and those are the devices we use now. Nokia's slogan is connecting people, and I feel that's the idea behind technology, connecting people closer.

    I also come from a gaming background of sorts, being a huge fan of C&C back in the Westwood days, and play mainly RTS with a sprinkle of RPGs. No FPS as I get motion sickness within 13 minutes of playing.

    I do have a Nokia bias, being a Nokia user for half a decade. Was about to join the Symbian^3 camp with the E7, but Feb 11th 2011 came, and when it was over, I knew I had to wait for the future. I am an user of the MS ecosystem (Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger), and WP made more sense to me. Also, having sworn off Apple during the mp3 player wars and reinforced by the PC vs Mac ads, iPhone was out of the question, and Androids weren't too good a replacement for me then. My E63 was doing fine too. And I finally brought the L800, and the rest is history.

    Other than technology, I just graduated from UOL as an Economics graduate with a flair in Microeconomics. Current affairs are also my cup of tea. I probably can chat all day with these topics. I also have in mind to do further studies on Economics. :)

    WPCentral's a good place to air my views on the ecosystem, so I figured, why not post more? :)
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    10-09-2012 01:09 PM
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    10-22-2012 06:31 AM