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    Howdy Y'all

    Well ill give a lil background on both my wife and i's phone use/history and needs.

    I never had a smart phone untill 3 years ago and its been a rollercoaster of uncertainty to me. my wife on the other hand has used smartphones and smart pda's for a decade & half she spent many years in college and medical school with the fabulous palm pda.

    Then when those were no longer available she got smart phones to fill that role in her life/medical practice. she first used windows mobile for smartphones in '03 with her motorola mpx phone and was horribly disapointed in the phone and operating system it was no where as easy to use or supported or polished as her old palm pda.
    She then went without a smart device untill she got an UT STARCOM PPC700 (also known as the htc apache) in '05 and while she said windows mobile 5 was better than her previous experience with the first, she found the phone itself absolutly horrible and barely responsive, she the waited again.
    She got an HTC touch pro in'08 with windows mobile 6.1 both the phone and os was even better but still not up to par with the old palm pda. she just about gave up on smartphones until iphone came to verizon.

    At once she like the responsivness of the screen and ease of use. but she did not like the fact that it didnt smoothly transfer files back and forth with her work pc's and did not like being locked intoo itunes for her media. so she left her iphone 4 and tried android with a samsung galaxy s3. she REALLY dislikes the instability of android as well as doesnt like samsungs touchwiz interfaces after reading about windows phone 8 she is really hoping to find good phone OS thats stable like IOS and her old palm pda.

    Now to my questions, with the new windows 8 Nokia,Samsung,HTC devices will we get a stable user friendly operating system? our fear is my wifes experiences with windows moble in'03 & '05 & in '08 were less than good.

    Has Windows improved enough to just work and not need advanced tinkering to get use out of majority of the features? will we be able to access apps like Office,Audible,Navigation,Slacker for my wife and Kindle/netflix with captions and timewaster games fr me? and a good keyboardlayout for my texting? when looking online i find so much contradicting windows phone information i dont know wich phone/device to look for is there a location that y'all would suggest for me to look at for more info on windows phone 8

    Thank you for your time!
    10-23-2012 11:47 AM
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    Hi and welcome to wpcentral. :)

    Many of the apps you mentioned are available already for WP7.5. We should know more about app availability on WP8 once Microsoft officially announces WP8, which will be very soon.
    10-25-2012 12:32 AM