1. Talldog's Avatar
    Hi everyone, from Connecticut. I'm the happy owner of a Surface Pro 128, and as many of you probably know, got caught up in the whole Gmail/EAS thing. Like many others I'm sure, I bit the bullet and took the opportunity to move to Outlook.com. Now the last step since I'm eligible for an upgrade anyway, is to chuck my Android phone. I never would have gone that way in the first place, except that when I got rid of my Treo 750, MS seemed to be giving up on the smartphone market. I'm with Verizon, and I thought that the HTC 8X was the way to go until I started reading that HTC vs. Lumia thread that's trending here today, and now I'm not so sure. Guess I have a lot of reading to do in this forum over the next couple of days.

    Funny thing is, when I tried to register today, I got a message saying my user name was taken and why don't I try logging in. I used an old forum password of mine and was able to login and the profile had a waaay old email address of mine and said I've been a member since 2001. This didn't used to be TreoCentral or some other PDA forum did it? I used to be the PDA and BlackBerry tech support guy in my company back in the day and belonged to a lot of user forums.

    Anyway, glad to be getting back in the Windows Phone camp. I love Windows 8 on my Surface, already bought the upgrade for my desktop and I'm looking forward to the integration between the phone, Surface and desktop. I'm sure this forum will be very helpful from the phone side.
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    03-07-2013 02:44 PM
  2. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    Yay, TreoCentral is now known as webOS Nation and your login is part of the Mobile Nations Passport system. Don't forget you can also login at iMore, CrackBerry, and AndroidCentral, using the same login you use here. No need to re-register.
    03-07-2013 03:01 PM
  3. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    Welcome aboard mate always great to have newbies here enjoying the forums, have questions just ask in the threads of your choice and meet lots of great members.
    03-07-2013 04:49 PM
  4. scottcraft's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral! Don't get overwhelmed by the HTC vs. Lumia threads, both are good products. I've owned the 822 on Verizon and had a couple of bad ones so Verizon switched me to the 8X. I feel that the 8X is a better phone, but both are pretty good. Either way you can't lose.
    03-07-2013 07:19 PM

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